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The Surprise Act: Perfect Corporate entertainment

Add a touch of class and a burst of originality to any corporate function with surprise sopranos and planted performers.

Not all surprises are good, but with this kind of exciting and fresh corporate entertainment you are guaranteed to hit all the right notes.  This is especially since the sublime singing waiters and singing chefs will be doing it for you when they burst into song.

Whether your event is all about the sales, all about the networking opportunities, or just all about showing some appreciation for hardworking staff this is one safe bet to get your guests all about the smiles.  Creating a warm, invigorating atmosphere with fun and unforgettable moments, which will be absolutely perfect if you want to leave your mark.

This surprise act will inject a little imagination, seduce with a little sophistication and spontaneity to help that perfect evening sparkle, leaving your guests with the fond memory of our surprise sopranos bursting into song.

Sure to secure that sale and silence that critic, this is a fabulous and exhilarating way to bring your clients to you.  Show them in style that nothing is too extravagant or too much effort for those very important people.  If networking is your niche, this form of corporate entertainment will be brilliant for breaking the ice between strangers, giving people something to talk about and more importantly giving them something to remember you by. 

Even for those expecting the incognito artists, those reactions of mirth and merriment will give memories to treasure, tell to all and be proud.

No matter what scale your party is on, or the demographic of your target audience, this stylish and sensational surprise act will be a real crowd pleaser – our surprise sopranos are exceptionally talented singers.  Perfectly pre-planned, designed and scripted to fit around and enhance your evening, without restricting or intruding upon it.

Different and decadent, this surprise act is a tasteful treat that is sure to go down well with even the most reserved guest.  The perfect way to set your company or organisation apart from all competitors, setting the standard with an air of fun, humour and graceful generosity that will set the tone for your future investments. Imagine the look on the face of your guests as our incognito artists reveal their true identities.

All the organising is done for you, and with very little production all you have to do is give us the dates you have in mind.  The only thing left to do is sit back and wait for the party to start and for the good times to roll.