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Singing Waiters Around The World

Singing waiters are all over the world. Although they are not particularly famous in Asia and some parts of America, singing waiters are really big in Europe. An event will not be as memorable without the angelic voices of professional waiters who would make you feel like you are in a private concert.

In the UK, singing waiters are normally hired in groups or individually. Most of the occasions where singing waiters perform include weddings, anniversaries, and balls. They have become a cheaper form of entertainment as compared to hiring a wedding singer or a recording artist to perform exclusively on a venue.

In Ireland, singing waiters do more than just sing – they have acts. In between singing, they will also be the host of a certain event, often cracking jokes and using witty remarks to entertain the guests. This is also a common practice elsewhere but is most dominant in Ireland.

In Asia, singing waiters are normally in groups and are, literally, waiters. There are restaurants wherein their cooks and waiters have good voices and will suddenly erupt into music and lyrics. They are not normally hired for private events but instead, they are limited to various specialty restaurants.

Singing waiters normally perform in private functions in the US and because there is not much of them available, customers sometimes contact performers from other countries such as UK where singing waiters are more popular. In this case, the airfare and accommodation of the singing waiter is normally shouldered by the customer as well.

This just means that no matter where you are all over the world, there will always be a singing waiter ready to serenade you for the night.