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Singing Waiters

For the perfect surprise act we have discovered the perfect cover for planted performers in the singing waiter.  Inconspicuous and ingenious, our singing waiters and singing waitresses simply wait on your tables while waiting to kick start your party.

Whether our performers are posing as guests of your party, or even as the chef this surprise act has an explosive opening that is sure to shock.  They will mix and mingle with your people drenching the proceedings in drama and mystery, and then at the perfect, pre-planned moment the incognito artists will burst into song.

With a range of musical styles and songs to fit every occasion our singing waiters have the information from you and the experience from years of performing to make sure your evening goes down a treat.

Perfectly scripted to fit around your evening, our singing waiters and singing waitresses will know exactly when you want them to begin.  They will know exactly who the surprise is for and why so that when the special moment comes it is sure to be made perfect.

The look of surprise on the faces of your friends and family will just be the beginning of the fabulous evening.  The night will be full of joy and laughter, songs and merriment that will be sure to put a smile on every single face.

Our singing waiters and singing waitresses know how to bring in every member of the family, from grandma right down to the teenager who thinks he’s too cool for any party.

This surprise act will bring strangers together in song; it will break the ice between the in-laws and give everyone something to talk about for family gatherings for years to come.  It will close the deal with the business partners; it will ensure you are remembered as the legend that threw the perfect party.

Our singing waiters can put that magic touch on to any evening you want, any party you need to throw.  All you have to do is tell us what you need and the rest is ready to burst into song!