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The Acts


The Surprise Acts

This is a show with a wonderful twist in the shape of a surprise singing extravaganza!

The act usually consists of 2 or 3 planted performers who dress and act as service staff: waiters, maitre’d etc.

These surprise singing waiters and waitresses are all incognito artists that will have previously discussed with you the preferred set list and style for your event.

At some point during the event, just when your guests least expect it, one of these incognito characters will for one reason or another (in character with your chosen scenario/Act ) burst into song, followed swiftly by another planted performer and then by the final planted performer. As they try to ‘out sing’ one another with each challenging and fantastic song, whilst quipping back and forth with witty one - liners and amusing repartee, your guests will be charmed, entertained and stunned by the magical performance and spectacle unfolding before their eyes!

While our singing waiters remain the most popular choice, we can provide similar incognito artists in other characters. Please call us for further details.

Check out the surprise act page for more information.



The Memphis Belles / Belles and Beaus

Fabulous 40s style cabaret, composed of sultry sirens and dashing gentlemen lifted straight from the luscious age of the lindi-hop.  Sexy and chic, with a vintage twist this act brings with it a little class and culture.

Sharp uniforms for the Beaus and classic costume dresses for the Belles, there is a perfectly crafted authenticity brought to this act to delight and dazzle.  These performers sizzle through genuine dances from the era of elegance, dripping with drama and decadence.

Starting off with some swing and big band numbers, this explosive and exciting show gets off with a big bang.  This act is adaptable in size, style and tone depending on the size of your party or budget, with different combinations of artists.

You will be stunned by sumptuous vocals and extravagant entertainment.  Captivating close harmonies and charming choreography, this scintillating act is guaranteed to bring style to an evening well spent.  High-energy performances with mesmerising chemistry, that is sure to excite and elate.

As with all the Musical Masquerade acts expect a high standard of cool ecstasy, light and uplifting atmosphere and a night that won’t be forgotten.


Check out the Belles and Beaus page for more information.



The Chicago Swing Act

Our gorgeous guys and gals perform numbers made famous by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Sammi Davis Jr, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and more recent artists, such as the ever popular Michael Buble.
Chicago Swing is an indulgence suitable for almost any event, a class act with classics in toe guaranteed to get everyone singing (even if we do recommend leaving it to the trained professionals).

 Book a night that with all the right words and all the right moves.  Have your guests on their feet dancing, whether reminiscing or just rejoicing in the rhythm; give your party that soul of swing that is sure to be remembered.

Check out the chicago swing act page for more information.



Musical Theatre/ Classical Evenings

Let us bring some West End Magic to your event, our singers will perform some of the finest songs and arias from the Musicals and world of Opera.


Church Services Concerts

We can provide solo classical Singers to sing at the church or Registry Office and we will do our best to incorporate a special request/song whenever possible.