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Wedding Singers or Singing Waiters?

Wedding singers have been around since forever, serenading the newlyweds and the audience with love songs together with a band. While wedding singers will never be passé, some couples are exploring more unique ways to bring entertainment into their wedding day without having to go overboard in romantic songs.
One of the most popular choices of today would be to hire singing waiters.

Why singing waiters instead of wedding singers? For a laidback couples who would want their guests to be as happy as they are, singing waiters are perfect basically because they offer surprise and entertainment at the same time. Dressed as ordinary waiters, they will suddenly start singing your favorite songs and using witty remarks in between songs. This way, the guests are not just fascinated by their voices, they will also laugh their hearts out with the singing waiters’ attempts at standup comedy.

The only problem might arise from the difference in costs. As singing waiters exert more effort in clandestine attire and hosting the event for a moment, they normally charge higher than a wedding singer. It is hard to tell exactly how much the difference would be since it depends on the fame of the wedding singer or the singing waiters.

If budget will permit and if you find singing waiters available for your wedding day, it would be a great choice to hire singing waiters to provide the entertainment on your special day – a mixture of romance and comedy will set the mood that will always be remembered even after your wedding day.